21 Suggestions for Success

Happy 22th of July, Here is a list of suggestions which may motivate you in achieving success. I personally find it useful and just by reading it I feel more inspired in achieving my goals in my life. 

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Happy 21th of July


Happy 21th of July Bloggers, Don't forget to pray and thank the lord for the blessings we have. The more faith you have in God the less worries you have in life. 

Getting started with Windows Live Movie Maker

Done reading with the book Getting Started with Windows Live movie Maker. Learn the basics of Windows Live Movie Maker. To review this book, It basically contains all the basics you need to know how to create, edit, enhance your video or image with the Windows Live Movie Maker. The good thing in is that this movie maker is for free and mostly installed in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Get your copy with the download link below.


Happy 20th of July

Friendly quote for the day. Happy 20th of July everybody. Godbless and take care.

BC Bloggers' Meme - Family Bonding

I can say I belong to a great big happy family. I belong to Lacson and Bonifacio family from Tarlac City. We  have great bonds in our family and we are very close. We usually have an annual gathering during all saint's day. We eat, share stories, have fun at the same time pray and remember our love ones who past away.

The Lacson boys, my cousins from this family side are mostly boys. I miss our childhood days when we play and play all day. Sleepovers and food trips. 

My aunts and cousins. 

We also have gatherings during holidays. Partying and having fun, exchanging gifts and aguinaldo during Christmas.

This is New Year 2012, We had a gathering at my uncle's place.

birthday celebration of my Aunt

Shopping with my siblings.

My graduation with my parents

I'm so thankful for the support of my family and relatives. They are my building blocks in life. They are always there to give a hand in times of troubles. I always believe that blood is thicker than water. 

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