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BC Bloggers' Meme - Family Bonding

I can say I belong to a great big happy family. I belong to Lacson and Bonifacio family from Tarlac City. We  have great bonds in our family and we are very close. We usually have an annual gathering during all saint's day. We eat, share stories, have fun at the same time pray and remember our love ones who past away.

The Lacson boys, my cousins from this family side are mostly boys. I miss our childhood days when we play and play all day. Sleepovers and food trips. 

My aunts and cousins. 

We also have gatherings during holidays. Partying and having fun, exchanging gifts and aguinaldo during Christmas.

This is New Year 2012, We had a gathering at my uncle's place.

birthday celebration of my Aunt

Shopping with my siblings.

My graduation with my parents

I'm so thankful for the support of my family and relatives. They are my building blocks in life. They are always there to give a hand in times of troubles. I always believe that blood is thicker than water. 

BC Bloggers: Photo Blog

I love photos of National Geography. They are very pleasing to the eyes and I feel relaxed when looking at it. I also have this as my wall paper. It reminds me of some memories to the past. What can you say with this photo?

BC Bloggers Meme: Count your Blessings

        I'm so thankful to God for giving me a wonderful life. I love my life and here are some of blessings that makes my life complete.

My Family

          Last week is a little bit rough for me because my mother was hospitalized. I have to stay 3 days in a hospital to watch her closely. She is diabetic and also suffered from  a lung infection. She also dropped her weight because she lost her appetite. I am very thankful that she’s in better condition now. She was advised to stay away from work for a month. 
My mother in hospital

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BC Bloggers (Secrets in Blogging)

   I am all new to blogging and came across this blog http://www.mommydiary.net/ which invites everyone to be in a blogging community. This people are mostly busy persons who love blogging. I became interested upon seeing BC Bloggers since I want to become better in blogging. What is good in here is that everyone are willing to have a link exchange with other bloggers. I don't know much about link exchange but as far as I know about it. As far as I know that it makes more views to your blog and make your blog more. Be a BC Blogger by clicking here

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