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Pray for the Philippines

Pray for the Philippines

I would like to thank God for keeping me and my family safe from the floods and heavy rain. I'm still praying for the sake of the Philippines and its people. Good thing is the rain is not that much like the previous days and hope it will clear away.  

Here are some photos of our river from Tarlac. 

You can see here that the water level almost reaches the bridge. 

A small part in the side of the river cracked. 

I stayed home all day and just watched the news. Good thing is that power and internet is not affected here. I wish and pray for the best of our countrymen. 

Happy 25Th of July

Friendly quote of the day: Love is deaf. You can't just tell someone what you feel, You have to show it.

First lyric video

My first made lyric video, 214 by Rivermaya. I just tested Powerdirector and I had fun with it. The quality is low because I have mistakenly saved it in a wrong output. I know it sucks but I'll keep going on to improve and learn more.

Happy 24th of July

Live life with no regrets and learn from your mistakes. Life is not perfect but still you can be happy by being contented on what you have. Happy July 24th, Have a great day!!

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