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"The Truth", of Eric Thomas' "Secrets to Success"

Very inspiring video from Eric Thomas "Secrets to Success"

When you want to be successful in life you got to be willing to sacrifice. When the time comes that you want to be successful as much as breathing-then you'll be successful. I always watch this video to motivate me and to remind me how bad I want to be successful. Success for me is not only about money but to have good relationship to family and other people. To offer goodness and to to contribute for a better community.


I just want to share a good inspirational video:
To sum it up: 

We always have ideas but we don't take action. Time comes and we regret many things and say I wish I did it when I was younger or when I have the time. We are all creative since we are young, we just need to believe to ourselves in order to make it. It is never to late to make actions and achieve our dreams in life. 

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