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Health is Wealth : 7 Tips to Eating Right

Some health tips I found on Facebook. They are very simple but can help a lot in our health. 

1. Cook Your Own Food. Buying your own ingredients, preparing and cooking your own food at home give you control and to determine the quality of meals you eat every day. Make cooking fun and a family activity ! 

2. Make Eating Fruits and Vegetables a Daily Habit. According to research, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. Put fruits where you can see it and within easy reach – eat some every day, in every meal.

3. Portion your Intake. You don’t have to deprive yourself of the things you like to eat, just eat them in the right quantity and aim for balanced meals every time. Small snacks in between meals will help you avoid over-eating during main meals.

4. Drink LOTS of Water. Water keeps the body temperature at its optimum, helps clean the body of toxins and replenishes our body systems. So keep on hydrating and drink, drink, drink H2O !

5. Start with Greens. Eating salads and vegetables at the start of each meal helps keep your intake of other foods to a minimum. Not only are they good for your digestive system because they are high in fiber, it keeps you feel full longer as well.

6. Choose High-fiber, Whole-grain Foods. Whole grain-breads, whole-grain pasta and brown rice are now widely available in the market. These healthier options provide you with good carbohydrates during the day while keeping your weight down !

7. Don’t Skip Breakfast. If you eat breakfast , there is a greater chance that you burn more calories for the rest of the day because you consumed them early. The old adage is true – breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Remember that health MUST and should be a priority in our lives. Start eating healthy for a truly abundant life !


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